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[ ᵱ ] Third Ace of Spades
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The fuck is up with this place.

I got hit with like, ten pieces of angel-fuckin'-food cake yesterday. And slipped in something that had a strawberry filling. Do you know how much of a pain in the ASS it is to get food out of my hair when I can't even see it in a mirror? Goddamn. My jacket survived after a few washes, and hey, these boots were made t'get dirty.

And now it's raining normally. Little heavy, but as long as I don't see danishes next, I'm good. Staying inside, thank you kindly!

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Sweets don't like me.

I really am quite the animal!

Aww, but sweets are...well, sweet.

But you can eat things besides blood...right?

Natural things. Not all sweets are out of the question, of course! I can have chocolate, a bit of it anyway. Seafoods are good, poultry and related farm animals are good.

But blood is the main food group!

What about coffee? I know that Conrad likes it, but I dunno if he can still drink it...

Used to. Last time I had it as a vampire it gave me a horrible fuckin' headache.

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