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[ ᵱ ] Third Ace of Spades
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The fuck is up with this place.

I got hit with like, ten pieces of angel-fuckin'-food cake yesterday. And slipped in something that had a strawberry filling. Do you know how much of a pain in the ASS it is to get food out of my hair when I can't even see it in a mirror? Goddamn. My jacket survived after a few washes, and hey, these boots were made t'get dirty.

And now it's raining normally. Little heavy, but as long as I don't see danishes next, I'm good. Staying inside, thank you kindly!

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Pretty much! At least I can see where the crumbs are.

That's always a plus.

Hey, I'm Di Di.

Pleasure to meet you, Di Di! Always love seein' new faces.

Casimiro. You can call me Cas for short if y'like?


Okay, Cas it is.

So what kind of vampire are you? I just know there's a few kinds here.

Not sure what y'mean by what 'kinda' vampire I am doll, but I'm pretty much an average one, hm? Go out at night, find something living, take the blood, maybe kill it, repeat, circle of vampire life so on so forth!

I don't answer to doll, just so you know.

Di Di, then. Just bein' nice!

Calling me Di Di counts as nice.

See that's the kind of vampire I've heard about before.

And what kind of vampire is that, Di Di?

The ones you don't want to meet in a dark ally.

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