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[ ᵱ ] Third Ace of Spades
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The fuck is up with this place.

I got hit with like, ten pieces of angel-fuckin'-food cake yesterday. And slipped in something that had a strawberry filling. Do you know how much of a pain in the ASS it is to get food out of my hair when I can't even see it in a mirror? Goddamn. My jacket survived after a few washes, and hey, these boots were made t'get dirty.

And now it's raining normally. Little heavy, but as long as I don't see danishes next, I'm good. Staying inside, thank you kindly!

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Hm? Yes on both accounts. The former is an unfortunate curse of mine as well, the latter is what we all deal with.

No, not all. Never lost the reflection and am unaffected by the other two.

That right? And how is that?

I'm different.

How has your stay here been thus far?


Other than that I have been findin' ways to enjoy it! I tend to enjoy bein' out and about.

Great deal of freedom here, what with the inept law enforcement and little in the way of hunters.

Good. Very good. I always have the best of fun when I know I won't be scolded! Hah, how childlike.

Watching the Police Force in action is very amusing. Their case average would be nine unsolved out of ten and I'm being generous in that assumption.

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